Is this like fortune telling?

While Turkish coffee reading is a form of psychic reading, based on my own life experiences I consider my work to have more of a spiritual basis and, as a result, my readings tend to strike a deeper level than a typical “fortune-telling” session.

Do the readings have to do with the past, present, or future?

It varies - it is different for each person but typically I find that it is a combination of all three.

How long is a typical session?

A typical session will last from 20 to 25 minutes. The first session tends to take slightly longer.

How much do readings cost?

Please see our pricing here.

Can you read my cup over the phone?

Yes! Phone readings are conducted the same way as in-person sessions except I will take one sip of the coffee in your place and then proceed with the reading. You will be on the phone from the time the coffee is prepared to the time until the session is completed.

Is this a one-time reading or can I be in contact with you after the reading?

Most of my clients are with me for years. In addition to regular sessions, I also offer shorter follow-up question-and-answer sessions.

Do you offer free consultations? 

Unfortunately, free consultations are not possible.

Do I need to drink all of the coffee for a reading? What if I don’t drink coffee at all?

This is not uncommon. Many of my clients do not drink coffee or cannot tolerate caffeine. I drink the first sip in their place and proceed with the reading as usual.

Do you offer readings for couples?

Yes, if a couple, or close friends, are comfortable enough to have readings done together it can be done. However, it is my preference to conduct readings privately due to the intimate nature of the reading.

I am having a party, can I invite you to do readings for my guests?

Yes, please inquire for special group rates and additional information by emailing or calling (845) 598-3909.